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 Series Intro/Fall 2011 News in ReviewWash your clothes in cold waterSign petition to get the EPA to more strongly regulate global warming pollution  6:59 March 5, 2012 
Weirdly Warm Winter 2012 WeatherTurn down your water heater as low as possible  Ask Congress to support EPA's ability to defend us from global warming pollution5:43 March 20, 2012 
Fuel EfficiencyStop idling your car (bonus for driving the speed limit) Send a comment to the NHTSA about the proposed increase to a 54.5 mpg standard for cars and light trucks 5:41 April 10,
Fuel Subsidies Clean out the junk in your vehicle's trunkSign to support EPA's proposed limits on greenhouse gas pollution from new power plants  6:02 May 17, 2012
Climate Skeptics' Top Five Myths Talk to one person about climate change Sign to support EPA's proposed limits on greenhouse gas pollution from new power plants   5:51 June 6, 2012
Air quality and climate Set your A/C to 78 degrees or higher  Sign to support safer limits on particle pollution (soot) - for our health and the climate 5:49July 16, 2012 
Now we sea it... (sea level rise)  Check your tire pressure (best to do it once/month) Be an informed voter and check your legislators' environmental report card at the League of Conservation Voters website. 6:09 August 15, 2012
 Tar Sands - They're the pits! Air-dry only full loads in your dishwasherDemand the State Department consider the climate impacts of the Keystone XL pipeline - joint action with 350.org 4:53 September 13, 2012
The Political Climate Keep your fridge and freezer full and closed Be a voter on November 6 (Election Day 2012) 6:05 October 11, 2012
 Climate Denier Style Plant a tree Tell President Obama that you want strong U.S. leadership on climate change 3:56December 6, 2012
It's about fracking time --- or, watch Just The ActionsSet your heat to 68 degrees or lower Join the Forward on Climate Rally in DC on Feb 17 and/or sign the petition 5:15 February 15, 2013
Special Report: Forward on Climate Rally --- or, watch Just The Actions Set your fridge to 35-38°F,
freezer to 0°F
 Stop funding fossil fuel companies through endowments and pension funds, etc. (link is to an external campaign) 5:15 March 4, 2013
 Old King Coal --- or, watch Just The Actions Buy green electricity/air dry your laundry Tell Obama and the EPA you support climate pollution standards for new and existing power plants 4:57 April 18, 2013
 More Climate Myths --- or, watch Just The ActionsRecycle everything you can Urge the Senate to confirm Gina McCarthy as EPA administrator 5:35 June 6, 2013
Climate and Conflict Take shorter (5-6 min), smarter showers Send a message of support for Obama's climate plan  5:19 July 29, 2013
 Tragedy of the CommonsCancel your junk mail Insist Obama reject the Keystone XL pipeline  5:07September 13, 2013 
 Low Carbon Dieting Add a meat-free day to your week. (inspiring recipes) Sign to support EPA's newly proposed, revised limits on greenhouse gas pollution from new power plants  5:07October 28, 2013
 Watt Chop Music VideoHeh. Watch and see.  -- 3:42 April 25, 2014
 Solar Powers! Use solar power, especially for your laundrycomment in support of EPA's new Clean Power Plan 4:59 June 20, 2014
 The Silence of the Clams  Turn off the tap while doing chores  comment in support of EPA's new Clean Power Plan  4:56 August 26, 2014